MD in Bangladesh

MD in Bangladesh

In recent years, the country of Bangladesh has developed as the preferred destination for studying MD abroad. Bangladesh being a neighboring country of India offers ample opportunities for aspirants who wants to live their dream of becoming a doctor.

Since getting admission in India has become difficult with the increase in number of MD aspirants. Hence studying MD in Bangladesh is the preferred option for Indian MD aspirants to get their degree. Hence, MBBS study world, one of the proficient study md abroad consultant guide aspirants to make a right move in career. It helps students in every procedure right from selecting the right course, right college and admission procedure in cheapest college in Bangladesh.

Why to study in Bangladesh?

MBBS/MD in Bangladesh

Being a neighboring country of India, Bangladesh attracts a number of students who want to make their next successful move in medicine field. The country of Bangladesh is same as India in terms of the weather and culture. The availability of Indian food is also one of the factors which attracts Indian students to study MD in Bangladesh.

The medium of education and communication is English and Hindi only, hence the students don’t need to learn any other foreign language. Studying at Bangladesh is like studying at India itself, hence these factors make it easier for Indian students to study MD course.

How to get admission to study in Bangladesh?

The students who have completed MBBS course are eligible to study MD in Bangladesh. MBBS study world, the top MBBS study md abroad consultant offers help to candidates to select the universities. After the completion of course which lasts for 5 years and 4 months, the candidates are required to write screening test and get Provisional Registration of MCI. Those aspirants who want to practice in India must finish the screening test and internship of 1 year.

Advantages of studying MD in Bangladesh

  • The medium of language is English which makes it easier for students to understand the concepts easily, which is not possible in other countries.
  • The economic living standards like affordable tuition fees in cheapest college in Bangladesh, good accommodation facilities attract a number of students.
  • The universities at Bangladesh are recognized by MCI, which ensures that the passed out students can easily practice in India after giving the screening test.
  • The candidates are not required to pay high travelling cost as there are number of flights from India to Bangladesh.
  • The study pattern of medical education in Bangladesh is similar to India, hence there is an increase in demand among the Indian students to study MD in Bangladesh. As with the same study pattern, the candidates find it easier to clear the screening test.


At MBBS study world, the study MD abroad consultant is committed in guiding students to make the right decision which helps them to fulfill their dreams. Are you still having any queries regarding MD in Bangladesh? Feel free to contact us to get admission in the cheapest college in Bangladesh.  Our consultant help students to make the right decision.

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